Patent Filing

At Patent Fire  we break away from the conventional model of filing patents (see about us). We provide a turn key solution with top subject matter experts, high volume contract with lawyers and a workflow process allow us to file top quality patents, efficiently at a fraction of the cost.

We can file your patents in multiple jurisdictions


Prior Art Research

At Patent Fire we believe prior art search is key towards a high quality patent.  We use experienced subject matter experts and state of the art intellectual property tools to search for prior art. We are good not only at finding key references but advising our customers on their invention. Most  of our subject matter experts have Ph.Ds.


Patent Landscape

Is your invention stepping on patents of the competition?, where is the competition putting their money and which are the key areas of innovation?.  A patent landscape answers these key questions.  This is also the base for a Freedom to Operate analysis (we also offer this service through our lawyers).


Innovation Think Tanks

Patent Fire leads IP portfolio development for key clients.  Our structured innovation process puts together our subject matter experts (SME),  top IP tools and your key inventors to innovate in focus areas.  We leverage our experienced SME and enhance this process with their knowledge of industry trends and competitor patent filings.