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Patent Filing

At Patent Fire, we revolutionize the traditional approach to patent filing, as outlined in our ‘About Us’ section. Our all-encompassing solution integrates top-tier subject matter experts, extensive contracts with legal professionals, and an optimized workflow process. This enables us to efficiently submit high-quality patent applications at a significantly reduced cost.

Moreover, our capabilities extend to filing patents across multiple jurisdictions, ensuring comprehensive protection for your innovations.

Innovation Think Tanks

At Patent Fire, we spearhead the advancement of intellectual property portfolios for our prominent clients. Our methodical innovation process combines the expertise of our subject matter experts (SMEs), cutting-edge IP tools, and your key inventors to foster innovation within targeted areas. The collaborative effort harnesses the insights of our experienced SMEs, enriched by their profound understanding of industry trends and competitor patent filings, to propel the innovation think tank towards success.

Engineering Services

At Patent Fire, our team of seasoned subject matter experts plays a pivotal role in supervising, advising, and steering projects for clients, ensuring the safeguarding of their intellectual property (IP). This is particularly relevant in situations where clients lack an in-house engineering team or are relying on a third party for implementation but require the expertise of a trusted and experienced technologist to guide them through the process.

Patent Mining

Sorting of patent portfolios. Identification of valuable assets and key technologies. Patent analysis in the context of new standards, protocols and technologies

Engineering Services

Competitor’s product analysis through tear downs, BOM estimation, code reviews.